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Samourai + OXT

Samourai + OXT

Today we have an announcement that is a little bit different than our usual wallet updates, but we hope you’ll share in our excitement. We are very happy to announce that Samourai has finalized the acquisition of the blockchain explorer, visualization tool, and analysis platform OXT.me in an all BTC transaction.

If you haven’t tried out OXT yet, do yourself a favor, and give it test drive.It isn’t only visually beautiful, it is packed with great information and insight into the public bitcoin ledger.

OXT has been an under appreciated asset in the Bitcoin ecosystem for years. They have been providing the same caliber of professional analysis, visualization, and exploration tools used by top researchers, multinational corporations, and even law enforcement to the broad general public in a free and open manner.

Using the OXT platform, the team have been able to produce research that can help measure and improve the financial privacy of users throughout the entire ecosystem, they have discovered important information about the ongoing spam attacks on the bitcoin network, and they have created open source actionable tools for measuring plausible deniability of transactions on the blockchain.

We are of course looking forward to the addition of an incredibly sophisticated blockchain explorer and visualization platform to our offering and all the possibilities that will open up to our users, but the insights and research that the OXT team is able to derive from the platform is beyond priceless. Samourai will continue to make even better, more private, and more user friendly products with OXT on board.

OXT will continue to be operated by the existing team and will remain a separate, yet complimentary entity of Samourai. OXT will continue to offer open access to all the data on the entire bitcoin blockchain to the general public, for free, and will continue to produce open source research and analysis made available to the community.

Samourai is very much born of the cypherpunk spirit. Spurning traditional venture capital investment, the company is self funded and supported by key private individuals who are dedicated to the goals of open access to data, freedom of speech, and censorship free financial transactions. We see this acquisition as a long term strategic investment in both Samourai and OXT, in these ideals, and an in the community as a whole.

We thank our users, and the fantastic community that has grown around Samourai, and we hope that you extend a warm welcome to OXT as they join us.