Streetside Sessions

Streetside Sessions are long form interactive lectures and presentations with members of the Samourai Wallet community. These sessions dive into topics that many users want to understand at deeper than surface level.

Ep. 1 - The 1000 BTC Kucoin Hack

Our inaugural session. We take a deep dive into the Kucoin exchange hack with ErgoBTC of OXT Research and learn how he managed to de-anonymize the stolen bitcoin even as it went through, Chipmixer, and Wasab mixing software.

Ep. 2 - Everything you've ever wanted to ask your bitcoin wallet - Q&A

In our second Streetside Sessions we have "Wallet Guy" co-founder of Samourai Bitcoin Wallet answering questions from the community.

Ep. 3 - Tracking ransomware developers blockchain activity

In our third Streetside Sessions we have ErgoBTC of OXT Research performing a live blockchain investigation starting with a single known ransomware payment.

Ep. 4 - AOPP and regulatory capture of bitcoin self custody

There has been some outrage recently about the AOPP and non custodial bitcoin wallets that have implemented this protocol. In this discussion Samourai Wallet developers and communiy members discuss the AOPP and the broader implications of supporting schemes like the AOPP mean for bitcoin and self custody.

Ep. 5 - NCA wants to regulate CoinJoin, Wasabi adds blacklists, WTH is going on?

The National Crime Agency (UK) wants the power to regulate CoinJoin. Samourai Wallet issues a response. Wasabi Wallet issues an announcement they will implement blacklists in and chain surveillance firms. We tackle these issues and more in the 5th Streetside Session

Ep. 6 - OXT Fingerprint Mode, From Darknet Market to Binance, Self Defense CA

OXT the open and free blockchain analysis platform has introduced new updates to help make your analysis more intuitive. Join us as ErgoBTC runs though the feature and follows several Darknet Market withdrawls that ultimately end up at Binance.