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Wallet Update 0.97.35 - Batch spending for cheaper, more efficient bitcoin transactions

One of the most requested features our users have recently been asking for is the ability to combine (or batch) multiple unrelated spends into one transaction. The benefit to creating these combined transactions is much lower overall fees and more efficient use of the bitcoin blockchain.

Well, you spoke and we listened. In version 0.97.35 of Samourai Wallet, users will have the option of a selecting a new custom send type, “Batch Spend”.

Who is this useful for?

This feature is useful for any user who needs to make more than 1 transaction in a given time period.

For example, if Alice needs to pay both Bob and Charlie, she can combine both payments into one transaction, and pay one miner fee. Bob and Charlie get paid as usual, and Alice just saved herself an unnecessary fee.

Samourai Wallet users are already paying the lowest transaction fees of any other wallet, but now they can save up to 80% on bitcoin miner fees by using our new Batch Spend feature.

Add transactions throughout the day. Spend when you’re ready.

Another great use case for Batch Spend is low priority transactions. These can be transactions to yourself or your friends, consolidation transactions, or any transaction that is non urgent. Add transactions throughout the day (or week, or month, or year!) to your Batch Queue which will remain saved until you manually clear the queue or broadcast the transaction.

What a Batch Spend looks like

Today, in anticipation of this update we asked our fantastic community on Twitter to provide a bitcoin address. We then took the first 15 addresses and created the a batch spend from Samourai on the bitcoin mainnet. You can view the transaction on our OXT block explorer.

As you can see, we paid a total of 0.00003040 BTC  (roughly 20 cents, at the time of TX)  to send to 15 unrelated participants. The transaction confirmed within 7 blocks. Totally badass.

Thank You

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