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Wallet Update 0.99.98h - New tools, JoinBot gets a promotion, stability and bugfixes

This update mainly focuses on a large range of stability improvements and bug fixes, however we have some new goodies to show you...

We’re happy to announce the release of Samourai Wallet 0.99.98h. You can download the APK from our website or get it on Google Play. You can find full release notes on our documentation site.

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A Bitcoin Wallet that takes your security and privacy seriously

This update mainly focuses on a large range of stability improvements and bug fixes, however we have some new goodies to show you...

JoinBot Toggle

In version 0.99.98f we launched JoinBot, allowing you to send a privacy preserving STONEWALLx2 transaction using an always-online bot to aid in constructing the transaction.

Out of an abundance of caution we purposely "hid" this functionality behind several UI layers to help control engagement while we monitored usage and stability.

Previously you had to navigate to the recently introduced Collaborate activity to carry out this transaction. We are proud to report that JoinBot has earned his stripes and will be promoted to a prominent position on the default send screen for both Deposit and Postmix accounts. With JoinBot it has never been easier to compose collaborative transactions.

Send screen: JoinBot toggle

Simply navigate to the send screen, construct a transaction as usual, and toggle JoinBot to ON. We hope this will bring less barrier to entry for this privacy spending tool and encourages all our users to Make Every Spend a CoinJoin.

Verify Message

We recently added new UI around the more advanced tools in the wallet and gave them all a home in the new Tools menu. In this update we added a brand new tool, Verify Message. To our knowledge there is no other mobile wallet that offers users these kinds of nitty gritty bitcoin tools.

The user has the selection to verify a signed message from the two most popular formats; RFC2440 or Bitcoin-QT

Cryptographically verify that a signed messages has a valid signature, therefore confirming the accompanying message has been written by an individual in control of the associated address' private key.

Sweep Timelocked Fidelity Bonds

In April 2022 Chris Belcher proposed a BIP based on working code he had already deployed in his JoinMarket software. While it does not appear to have progressed in the BIP process we have decided to implement the ability for JoinMarket users, who find themselves with bitcoin in a timelocked fidelity bond address, to sweep the private key into their Samourai Wallet after the bond expires.

Currently only the JoinMarket software can handle these unique addresses. For this reason we decided to give these users another option to recover their bitcoin.

UTXO List Improvements

Sometimes it is the small things that really make a big difference, and we think this is one of those things - especially for our users who find themselves managing ever increasing amounts of UTXOs,

Before this release, managing the spending status of many UTXOs often ended with a repetitive strain injury for your finger. We are pleased to announce that your (loud) complaints were noted and you are now able to select all UTXOs with a single tap, and in a second tap toggle from Spendable to Do Not Spend.

Bugfixes and Stability

While we did throw in some goodies in this release, the main focus was improving stability and fixing bugs. You can review the release notes in full, but some of the major highlights are

  • Fix: Tor status in notification bar when launching Stealth Mode app
  • Fix: Whirlpool “invalid blockheight” error
  • Fix: Whirlpool “min relay fee not met” error
  • Fix: BIP47 notification transaction to non paynym.is reusable payment codes
  • Fix: Dojo connected wallets experiencing 401 error

Thank you

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