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Wallet Update 0.99 - UI and fee management updates

We are pleased to roll out Samourai Wallet version 0.99 available to update via Google Play for existing testers, install from Google Play for new testers, or build from source.

apk hash sha-256 of version 0.99 :


Transaction Details

We’re really excited to implement the long requested Transaction Details screen. This view allows you to gain important information about your transactions without having to leave the wallet. Simply tap the transaction from the balance screen to open the transaction details view. From this screen you can boost the transaction fee of unconfirmed transactions as well as review transaction details such as the fee rate paid. You can always open the transaction in OXT mobile block explorer by pressing the compass icon in the top right of the toolbar.

Improved Sending Experience

The send bitcoin screen hasn’t changed too much since we first released Alpha 1 in 2015. Since then we have been stuffing all sorts of advanced functionality into a UI that was struggling to keep up. This is why we took the opportunity to rethink the Send Bitcoin process and create an experience that would be extensible as we grow our feature set and more user friendly for our users today and our future users tomorrow.

What was previously crammed into one screen we have now broken down into two separate steps. First, select who you want to send bitcoin to and select how much you want to send in BTC or Satoshis (sats). If you’re sending to a centralized exchange/service you may want to enable Ricochet for added protection from third party blacklists, which you can do from this screen.

The second step is where you review the transaction that will be sent. You can adjust the transaction priority - which determines how quickly your transaction gets added to a block - by sliding from left (lowest priority and lowest fee) to right (highest priority and highest fee) - If your wallet can send the transaction as a STONEWALL it will be enabled here, which you can toggle on/off on a per transaction basis. If a STONEWALL cannot be created, this option will be disabled.

Thank You

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