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We’re improving the wallet recovery process but you need to do your part as well.

Over the next few months we will start to begin readying the wallet for 1.0 release. This includes updated UI and UX, our own independent and open source back-end, and some really exciting top-secret features. To start off we decided to take a closer look at the processes the user has at their disposal when they lose access to their wallet. Let’s look at the most common scenarios that result in lost access.

  • Forgot/Corrupted PIN Code
    If the PIN code is forgotten access can be restored using the wallet passphrase. Provided the ‘Auto Backup’ feature is left enabled in the wallet, a backup including settings, and all metadata is encrypted and stored on the device.

    The current process to restore access is pretty long winded and confusing. So we made it much better.

    After three incorrect PIN code attempts Samourai will now prompt for the wallet passphrase. Upon correct passphrase the forgotten PIN code will be revealed and access to the wallet restored. This will also fix the rare cases where PIN codes get corrupted.
  • Accidental Uninstall
    Hey it happens. Luckily, the same encrypted backup that is used to restore access for a forgotten PIN code can also be used to restore the wallet even after an accidental uninstall.

    Simply reinstall Samourai from the Play Store and follow the instructions in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=weQOWBbnosk
  • Lost Device / Data Loss
    In the case of data loss or a lost device the encrypted backup is not available. The wallet and all funds can be recovered using the wallet recovery words. The wallet recovery words (also known as a mnemonic) are twelve words that when used in conjunction with your passphrase will restore your wallet including addresses and balance.

Recovery Checkup

In this update Samourai will display the wallet recovery words and passphrase after the first successful authentication. This will only happen one time. You must secure your recovery words safely and remember your passphrase. It is your responsibility.

As you can see, every method of recovery requires the wallet holder to remember at least their passphrase. All wallets generated by the Samourai app will have a passphrase that the wallet holder created.

In addition to the passphrase the user should absolutely write down and safely store the recovery words (mnemonic) - these words and the passphrase will restore all the private keys in almost any modern wallet software.


Last but not least, we have added a passphrase / backup verification check within the wallet settings. Go to the Settings > Troubleshoot > Passphrase/backup test. You will be asked to enter your passphrase to run the test.

We hope these updates improve the experience of our users. This is only just the beginning of many UX improvements to come down the line.

Thank You

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