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Dojo 1.21.0 Released

This release brings several updates:

  • Tor
  • BTC-RPC Explorer
  • MariaDB
  • Fulcrum
  • Nginx

A new feature added in this release is the addition of "$1 Fee Estimator" to the Dojo API.

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The $1 Fee Estimator

Contrary to what may seem intuitive, the $1 Fee Estimator has nothing to do with dollars. It is a naming convention popular in some scholarly circles that essentially means we've taken a complex task (estimating miner fees based on existing and future mempool conditions) and distilled it down to simple actionable insights users can easily understand and use.

This fee estimator tries to determine the minimum fee rate required for a confirmation in the next block with a given probability. It only uses data from the mempool and it's based on 2 empirical observations + a statistical property of mining.

A future Samourai Wallet release will be able to make use of this new API endpoint to better tell the user ideal transaction fee rate.

The release also contains several small fixes and improvements. As always, you can find the release here https://code.samourai.io/dojo/samourai-dojo/-/releases/v1.21.0 as well as link to full changelog.

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