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Dojo 1.23.0 Released

Today, we bring you the new release of Samourai Dojo. Let's see what's included in this one.

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Updated Estimator API

As part of our continuous effort to bring the new features in the best way we can, we have decided to change the API endpoint that would provide fee estimations made by $1 Fee Estimator. Since the support for this endpoint hasn't been added to the Samourai Wallet yet, this is not a breaking change.

Users that will want to leverage this feature will have to update their Dojo to this version at least.

Mempool persitence

In recent months, we have witnessed the size of bitcoin mempool being continuously very high. This meant that on every restart, the local mempool would have to be sychronized again which lead to unnecessary use of network and computational resources.

This release adds a new BITCOIND_PERSIST_MEMPOOL= option in docker-bitcoind.conf which configures bitcoind to save current mempool state when it's stopped. This option is on by default but can be turned to off.

Maintenance updates

As always, we have updated certain packages that Dojo requires.

  • Updated Tor to v0.4.8.10
  • Updated Whirlpool CLI to v0.10.17.1
  • Updated Fulcrum to v1.9.8
  • Updated Fee Estimator to v0.5.0
  • Updated Node.js dependencies

This release also contains small fixes and optimizations. Check the full changelog if you want to know the details.

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