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Key Differences Between Wasabi and Whirlpool CoinJoin

Key Differences Between Wasabi and Whirlpool CoinJoin

We're seeing a large number of coins leaving Wasabi into Whirlpool over the last few days. The market is speaking and loudly repelling censorship and surveillance. If you're new, especially coming from Wasabi this thread will explain the key differences in Whirlpool.

In Whirlpool the coordinator fee is a flat fee and is paid upfront. The flat fee makes it cheaper to coinjoin for users (instead of % of amt you mix) and makes it more costly for an attacker to disrupt the registration phase. We call this setup transaction the "Tx0"

In Whirlpool no address reuse or coins that have been 'seen' together in previous transactions are allowed into the mix transaction. Unlike Wasabi where up to seven outputs are controlled by one user, Whirlpool mixes only allow one output per user per mix transaction.

In Whirlpool once you are in the mixing pool it costs absolutely nothing to be involved in further coinjoin transactions. No coordinator fee and no miner fees. All you need to do is keep the client running and your mixed coins will be randomly selected to act as 'remixers'

Once it comes time to spend your mixed coins there are multiple 'post mix' spend tools available to you. These tools allow you to make payments with added entropy to mitigate against common issues like input merging.

And speaking of spending... in Wasabi since one mix can contain many outputs from a single user when a single users spends their mixed outputs each other peer in that mix is highly impacted. In Whirlpool transactions the impact is minimal.

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