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25% off all Whirlpool mixing fees - Jul 31 - Aug 4

We strongly rebuke Senator Lummis her bipartisan gaggle of parasites as they take aim at your fundamental freedom to transact without permission or inspection from the state Whirlpool is non-custodial privacy tech where users join in a collective "fuck you" to snoops & tyrants.

Use the discount code LUMMIS in your Whirlpool client for 25% off all Whirlpool fees until Aug 4 23:59 UTC

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Seeking privacy is not weird. We do it all the time. We shield our letters from unwanted snooping with envelopes, our windows with blinds. What is weird is the recent fascination by the ruling class to have unprecedented access into our personal lives.

Statement on legality of CoinJoin and other privacy tools
CoinJoin coordinators are simply message passers. This is true of Wasabi & Whirlpool. They are not money transmitters, they are not facilitators they simply pass data packets to connected clients. Clients never surrender custody to any 3rd party. Clients collaborate w/ each other — Samourai Wallet…

Every senator latching onto this amendment in unrelated legislation are carrying water for the coming CBDC surveillance state. These people are not your friends, you are their serfs, they are you lords.

U.S. Senate Passes $886B Military Spending Bill With Crypto AML Provision
The amendment takes aim at crypto mixers and “anonymity-enhancing” crypto assets.

FWant to break free from the shackles of your serfdom? Bitcoin can help. But not the Bitcoin these politician snakes are pushing. Not the Bitcoin your KYC sponsored influencer has told you about.

Reflections on Bitcoin as peer to peer cash
With all the chatter about the latest statist overeach in the EU regarding bitcoin and ‘unhosted wallets’ I figured I would share some slides from my talk at Bear Arms and Bitcoin conference in Miami in 2022. This post is adapted from a Tweet originally posted on June 30, 2022

Whirlpool is available on Android, Desktop, and now on iOS.

Three independent third party wallets support the protocol with more on the way. Always non custodial. Always fully open source This is how we win

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