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Wallet Update 0.99.98g - The Stealth Mode update!

Wallet Update 0.99.98g - The Stealth Mode update!

We’re happy to announce the release of Samourai Wallet 0.99.98g. You can download the APK from our website or on Google Play. You can find full release notes on our documentation site.

Let’s start with the big news…

Stealth Mode is back!

One of our very first features we launched with in 2015 was Stealth Mode. It allowed Samourai to hide from the Launcher menu and home screen, providing users protection from casual phone searches. It was one of our most popular features at the time. Unfortunately in early 2019 Google forced us to remove Stealth Mode and various other niche security features.

We are very happy to announce that — finally — as of Dec 27 2022, Stealth Mode has returned to Samourai Wallet. Let’s dig in and check it out.

You can find Stealth Mode by opening your wallet and navigating to Settings > Wallet. Once there, toggle on Stealth Mode and select which decoy app you want to use.

Once Stealth Mode has been enabled your wallet will automatically hide itself when you fully exit the wallet. Each decoy app has a different method of triggering the wallet to open and prompt for your PIN code.

We’re very pleased to finally bring back the Stealth Mode feature. We look forward to hearing all your Decoy App ideas.

Broadcast Transaction Hex

Another notable improvement builds on our last release where we introduced a new Tools screen. In this release we have included a brand new tool, the ability to broadcast any signed transaction in Hex format.

This tool allows you to use your Samourai Wallet to broadcast transactions that it didn’t create or have private keys for. This could be useful for cold storage systems, but more importantly this helps solidify our commitment to censorship resistance. Every Samourai Wallet app can now broadcast any valid bitcoin transaction on behalf of any another party. We’ll continue to build out useful tools and utilities for the new Tools screen.

Thank you

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