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Introducing ZeroLink

Introducing ZeroLink

ZeroLink is a collaborative research and development project currently being maintained by both Samourai Wallet and Hidden Wallet

We were approached by nopara73 of Hidden Wallet earlier in the year asking if we would like to collaborate on a project to improve fungibility and user privacy. We jumped at the chance and are happy to introduce the wider community to the ZeroLink framework.

What is it?

The ZeroLink framework provides wallet developers with the theory and tools they need to implement trustless, fast, and cheap mixing in the bitcoin wallet. The framework examines a number of techniques and provides implementation notes for developers.

We recommend this article from nopara73 for the finer details, or reviewing the GitHub yourself.

We are publicly committed to not only the development and maintenance of the ZeroLink framework, but also to implementing the framework into the Samourai Wallet product as soon as possible.

The future of on-chain privacy and fungibility looks bright. Thanks to the authors of the framework: nopara73 of Hidden Wallet and TDevD of Samourai Wallet, and all the contributors: Adam Gibson and Chris Belcher from JoinMarket, Ethan Heilman from TumbleBit, Dan Gershony from Breeze Wallet and Kristov Atlas from Open Bitcoin Privacy Project

Thank You

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